Aquarium Manufacturers & Suppliers

All Bright Aquariums stays at the very forefront of our field. As well as installing and maintaining aquariums, koi ponds and water gardens, we also work with a wide range of suppliers to bring you the full range of aquatic offerings for your home and garden. We install jelly fish tanks in homes and custom designed jelly fish art for larger venues. We work with hydroponic solutions for greenhouses and farms, and we are the only approved installer between Albany and Plattsburgh that can work with you to create a state of the art aquaponic system.

About The Fish Tank Product Manufacturers & Suppliers We Work With

Our aquariums are supplied by top notch fish tank manufacturers, including Midwest Custom Aquarium and Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. Both providers feature high quality, innovative aquarium designs that enable us to create outstanding, unique aquarium set-ups for our customers. Their attention to detail and the quailty of their products truly set them apart. 

For projects that require stone - like waterscapes and natural pools - we are proud to work with two local vendors based here in the Northeast: Adirondack Natural Stone in Whitehall, NY and Champlain Stone headquartered in Warrensburg, NY. Both provide high quality, durable natural stone that nicely compliment our aquatic designs and installations.

For our unique jellyfish art installations we work with Jellyfish Art, a company that specializes in keeping jellyfish healthy and properly displayed within aquatic habitats and a leading supplier of live jellyfish.  

The systems for our hydroponic installs are supplied by AmHydro, a company that has been developing and innovating in the hydroponic field for 40 years. 

Bringing The Best Aquatic Products, Supplies & Infrastructure To You!

All of our vendors have been carefully selected to ensure that the team at All Bright Aquariums is able to provide you with top notch products and installations, from indoor fish tanks to hydroponic systems and beyond!

To learn more about these manufacturers and their exciting offerings, take a look at these vendor websites and then call us today at (518) 307-9291! Or you can contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!