Aquarium Leasing

Not ready to make a permanent commitment to an aquarium? All Bright Aquariums now gives you the ability to lease your aquarium. Leave the aquarium start up, service and cleaning to us!

Benefits of Leasing an Aquarium

Many people don't realize that renting a fully stocked aquarium is an option - but it's actually a beneficial option for fish enthusiasts for a number of reasons. 

In many cases, leasing an aquarium can make having a fish tank more affordable. If cost is an important consideration for you, whether you're looking for a fish tank for your home or business, renting is well worth some careful consideration. 

Additionally, when you lease an aquarium, you get the added benefit of expert care and maintenance provided by the team at All Bright. This can keep your aquarium functioning smoothly and looking its best, while also taking cleaning and upkeep off your plate! 

Though fish tanks and aquariums have become increasingly dependable, if an issue does arise with a rented aquarium you'll know who to call. Our team will take care of any repairs and will have your tank back up and running in no time! 

Rent a Fresh Water Aquarium WITH Fish

Fresh water aquariums from 40 gallons to 180 gallons are available to lease from Albany to Plattsburgh. These are complete aquarium set ups with fish starting at $95 per month.

Once your aquarium is installed our trained professionals will take care of the aquarium cleaning, maintenance and upkeep. It is our goal to ensure that the livestock and aquarium investment you make stays healthy and looking its best!

Call us today at (518) 307-9291 for more information, or contact us online for all your Albany, Plattsburgh, Saratoga and Adirondack aquarium leasing questions!