High Quality Aquarium Inserts & Artificial Coral for Fish Tanks

At All Bright Aquariums, we recognize that what you fill your fish tank with is more than just decor. The coral and aquarium features make up the habitat for the creatures living within your aquarium display. As such, we are proud to offer high quality artificial coral inserts by Manwarren Habitats. 

About Artificial Coral Inserts by Manwarren Habitats

Manwarren Habitats' collection of artificial coral is highly detailed. Their coral inserts for fish tanks and aquariums are handcrafted in Mira Loma, California. 

Their inventory contains over 800 unique pieces, all made of animal-safe materials. The color is built into the material by design, so it will not fade or chip, meaning it will retain its vibrancy for years to come. 

Manwarren artificial coral inserts are more than just decorative coral pieces. They are part of a habitat and a safe, comfortable home for many aquatic creatures.

Stunning Aquarium Inserts from All Bright Aquariums

Browse our gallery below for inspiration, then contact us today to learn more about creating a custom, high quality coral insert for the fish tank at your home or business.